Maharashtra’s Multi-stakeholder Platform

Work Streams

2030 WRG is currently working on catalyzing state-wide solutions for:

Water Use Efficiency for Agriculture:
2030 WRG is helping the government convene private sector and civil society to implement the most efficient and equitable solutions to maintain agricultural growth in the state using the same or lesser amount of water. The strategy for 2030 WRG’s work in the domain of agri-water in Maharashtra has been informed by a hydro-economic analysis completed in 2015.

Under the agri-water work stream, 2030 WRG successfully collaborated with the Government of Maharashtra, WEF and a number of private companies to facilitate the development of water-efficient Public Private Partnerships for Integrated Agricultural Development< (PPP-IAD), a WEF-promoted Government program to directly engage the private sector towards enhancing agricultural productivity and farmer income. Currently, five such PPPs are under implementation with a total investment value of nearly USD 10 million. Cumulatively, the projects are estimated to save 5.7 billion liters of water per annum.

2030 WRG is also developing a large-scale partnership – Maharashtra Cotton-Water Platform – to assist approximately 500,000 cotton farmers within the state. The Platform seeks to deliver coordinated, multi-stakeholder solutions at scale to promote water security and de-risk livelihoods for cotton farmers in Maharashtra.

A number of leading global apparel brands have indicated their keen interest in joining this emerging partnership, given the significant challenges faced by the approximately four million farmers who grow cotton in Maharashtra in Vidarbha and Marathwada, two of India’s most water deprived regions. This program will likely include a combination of water efficiency solutions and infrastructure development, supported by an enabling policy and regulatory environment. Currently, WRG is working to conduct a gap and situation analysis to orient the program.

Water Security for Urban and Industrial Uses
Likewise, under the urban and industrial water work stream, 2030 WRG has convened a representative group of stakeholders, facilitated the development of a strategy and facilitated in-principle commitment of funds from two corporate organizations. The objective of this project is to increase water security for urban and industrial users by developing small infrastructure for groundwater recharge in Aurangabad – a large manufacturing hub in the state.

The Maharashtra Department of Industry, the Confederation of Indian Industry, and various civil society organizations asked the 2030 WRG to help convene a platform to develop and implement a water security strategy for new integrated industrial development zones. The multi-stakeholder partnership is focused on introducing innovative solutions for the sustainable development of the industrial sector, including public-private partnerships for wastewater reuse.

This region which already hosts a number of 2030 WRG partners including SABMiller and Coca-Cola, will see a further influx of industry with the inauguration of new zones. The strategy for this partnership includes a focus on the Aurangabad Industrial Township Limited, as well as solutions for the water security of the Greater Aurangabad Area, with models incubated herein disseminated state-wide.

Key Partners

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