São Paulo’s Multi-stakeholder Platform

Work Streams

The initial priority areas and work streams are under investigation and the MSP governance structure is expected to be defined in the coming months.

On the basis of stakeholder consultations, two multi-stakeholder work streams are under development:

(1) Water Demand Management, Reuse and Recycling
The reuse of water was considered a priority. The activity is relevant to the management of water resources as it has potential to reduce the pressure and excessive demand on water sources of interest to public supply, in regions under water stress. But it is a segment in which investments and projects have been facing various difficulties.

(2) Sustainable Financing of Water Infrastructure
The second theme set as a priority is the unsatisfactory performance of water and sanitation services of the small and medium size municipalities of the State that did not establish operation contracts of services with the State utility company or with private companies, namely, that operate directly its services and sanitation infrastructure.