South Africa

Elephants in South Africa

Water Challenges

Based on rising population, economic growth projections and current efficiency levels, demand for water is expected to rise by 17.7 billion m3, while water supply is projected to amount to 15 billion m3, representing 17 percent gap between water supply and demand by 2030.

Our Role

The SWPN is an informal and voluntary platform with nearly 50 members. Within the network, innovative ideas are being developed that leverage the strength of public and private sectors.


In no country has our partnership progressed further than South Africa. In late 2011, we established a multi-stakeholder platform – the Strategic Water Partners Network (SWPN) – to support government efforts to develop and sharpen programs in three areas: water efficiency and leakage reduction; effluent and wastewater management; and agricultural and supply chain.


The SWPN has rapidly become South Africa’s leading multi-stakeholder platform: fostering trust, engaging stakeholders, raising funds, forging partnerships and advancing practical projects.

Key Partners

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