Water Challenges

With extremely low level of water storage capacity, and water availability that is highly variable in space and time, Tanzania faces major constraints in securing enough water for its environmental, social and economic needs.

Our Role

Since signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Water in 2013, we launched a partnership with the goal to support, compliment and strengthen the existing efforts of the Government of Tanzania to (i) develop and achieve a water secure future, (ii) enable a sustainable growth track for economic and social development as well as environmental protection.


Through the 2030 WRG Tanzania partnership, stakeholders are addressing water challenges via the development of proposals focused on targeted catchment level stewardship and agricultural water efficiency initiatives. Project concepts related to industrial and urban water management are also expected to be added this year.


We established the WRG Tanzania partnership in 2013. In 2014, we have advanced our analytic support with a Hydro-Economic Overview and our work has also resulted in a Multi-Stakeholder Partnership. Technical working groups have been established across the thematic areas of water efficiency, water storage and source protection, and cross-sector collaboration. During 2015, stakeholders refined their broad priorities into a series of tangible partnership initiatives.

Key Partners

Click here for a list of our key partners in Tanzania.