How we work

Our work in each country is based on the need to ACT: Analyze, convene, and transform. 2030 WRG raises awareness through analysis, triggers momentum by convening initiatives, and enables transformation. After applying this model in our country engagements across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, this framework is still flexible, allowing us to tailor our engagements to meet the needs of each country.

ACT Icons


The 2030 WRG works with partners to develop analytics that build on existing water information and enhance the understanding of the scale and urgency of the water challenge to support better decision making. The analysis is tailored to the needs of the country and is used to underpin multi-stakeholder discussions. The analytics aim to encourage major water users and the private sector to get involved and take action. The 2030 WRG works closely with country stakeholders to ensure that local ownership of the initiatives takes root.


Our convening initiatives bring together public, private, and civil society stakeholders to help create broader awareness, trigger actions, and build momentum. During these discussions, stakeholders identify and agree on priorities and activities, and forge trust-based partnerships based on a shared commitment to transforming the water sector.


The 2030 WRG helps the multistakeholder platforms in countries draft concrete proposals, develop new policies to improve water-use efficiency and reduce pollution, prioritize various investment opportunities, and identify innovative financial solutions for investments. Each country has its own challenges and needs, so the solutions need to be tailored to the local situation.