Driving water-enabled growth in Karnataka: Agriculture sector

Karnataka, one of India’s most water-scarce states, has a major challenge at hand. Its agricultural and economic growth aspirations will lead to an estimated 60% increase in water demand by 2030. Karnataka will be unable to meet this demand unless it focuses on a state-driven comprehensive transformation of its water and agriculture sectors. This report […]

Water Resources Group: A new model for water sector transformation

By Ramya Krishnaswamy The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012 kicked off yesterday exploring the most pressing challenges that our world faces today. A strong green thread runs across Davos this year, where many discussions are focused on realizing growth in a sustainable manner. Given their importance to economic growth and social development aspirations of countries and societies around […]

Water at Davos 2012: launching a new model for partnership

By Dominic Waughray  As the issue of freshwater scarcity becomes ever more pressing, a new partnership aims to help governments change their business as usual approach to water management While much of the focus in Davos is on the macro-economic fault lines that are holding back global growth and job creation and promoting inequality, there is […]