Strategic Water Partners Network South Africa: Creating Shared Value Through Innovative Partnerships

Presented in May 2013 at the World Economic Forum African Summit in Cape Town, South Africa, this report specifies how the Strategic Water Partners Network’s work has recently developed. It also describes the creation of working groups that are mapping, charting, and implementing projects that strengthen and support water management strategies and practices. Read or […]

Managing Water Use in Scarce Environments: A Catalogue of Case Studies

Since its inception, the 2030 WRG has been working to resolve the world’s water scarcity problem. One of our main goals is to bring practical analysis to the limelight to help address the problem – always in collaboration with strategic partners and water experts. Alongside Ove Arup, we scoured the globe for solutions to the […]

The Guardian: The murky pool of big business, water and policy capture

News Source: The Guardian By Oliver Balch In early 2000, a string of riots and protests broke out in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba. The “water wars” were sparked by a government decision to hand over control of water supply to a foreign-owned, private consortium. The bid process was uncontested and the revenues guaranteed for […]