Tanzania: Hydro-Economic Overview – An Initial Analysis

Prioritizing Tanzania’s River BasinsThis report presents recommendations to prioritize Tanzanian river basins for further hydro-economic analysis. The work is part of a program undertaken by the 2030 WRG to inform and accelerate sustainable transformation in the water sector to support economic growth. This study includes a national overview of the magnitude and urgency of the country’s water challenges, and a review of two river basins: the Wami Ruvu (includes Dar es Salaam, the largest urban center in Tanzania) and the Rufiji river basin (the focus area of the government’s Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania investment program).

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Water shortage shuts Coca-Cola plant in India

A Coca-Cola bottling plant has been ordered to close in northern India after local farmers blamed it for using too much water, creating fresh headaches for the world’s biggest soft drinks marker in one of its most important markets.

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