Collective Action for Water Security and Sustainability: Preliminary Investigations

The 2030 WRG requested the Council on Energy, Environment, and Water to develop a framework for effective collaborative action in water management at the (sub) river basin level. This led to a contribution to the national and global dialogue about shared water risks and multi-stakeholder water stewardship. Evidence shows that such collaborative efforts are not […]

Water Partnership for South Africa Launched at the World Economic Forum on Africa

By Desirée Mohindra Water demand set to rise by 52% within the next 30 years in South Africa South Africa joins the governments of Jordan, Mexico and the State of Karnataka in India as a partner with the Water Resources Group Cape Town, South Africa – At the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town, Minister […]


Die DEZA ist finanziell und personell eng mit globalen Wasserprivatisierungsoffensiven von Nestlé & Co. verknüpft. Dabei liesse die in der Schweiz praktizierte Wasserbewirtschaftung eine enge Kooperation mit öffentlichen Wasserversorgern in Lateinamerika erwarten. Read More »