Perspectives on Green Growth Partnerships: Strategic Water Partners Network South Africa (extended case study)

We have produced this extended version of the case study on the Strategic Water Partners Network (SWPN) for South Africa to share our experience and lessons learned in this multi-stakeholder partnership. The SWPN is part of the 2030 WRG network of country partnerships and is a multi-stakeholder collaboration addressing South Africa’s most pressing water issues: […]

Agri-Water Sustainability in India: Setting the Agenda for the Alliance for Thought Leadership and Action

India is a water-stressed region with increasing levels of pollution in water bodies due to untreated sewage and effluents. The agriculture sector, which consumes 80% of India’s water resources and accounts for 90% of the groundwater withdrawals, uses water inefficiently. All these challenges have wide-scale implications for the nation’s water security, further aggravated by climate […]

UP involvement in creation knowledge centre for river rejuvenation in India

Recently the 2030 WRG engaged with the Government of the State of Uttar Pradesh (GOUP) in India to work towards river rejuvenation and sustainable and equitable water management including good irrigation practices through participative multi-stakeholder processes in the State. The cooperation was triggered by the Jal Jan Jodo Abhiyan movement, led by Rajendra Singh (Tarun […]

Collaborating with GIZ on urban water risk management solutions in Africa

Stockholm, August, 2015 — GIZ through its International Water Stewardship Programme (IWaSP) signed an agreement with 2030 WRG to collaborate on raising awareness and convening stakeholders to identify urban water risk-management solutions in Kenya and elsewhere. The collaboration will start with a joint multi-stakeholder effort to improve the water balance in the Nairobi catchment. Urban […]

Bangladesh water security issues addressed in newly established partnership

Dhaka, Bangladesh, 17 August — With the endorsement of the Bangladesh Ministry of Water Resources, 2030 WRG has recently facilitated the creation of an open and inclusive multi-stakeholder platform with key partners concerned with the water security of Bangladesh.  Earlier in March of this year, deep dives into the Bangladesh water challenges were presented as part of the final […]

The Independent: Peter Brabeck-Letmathe: Nestle Head sceptical about health benefits of the gluten-free revolution

News Source:  The Independent The recipe is changing for the food industry. Processed food sales are under pressure in America where consumers are seeking out healthier alternatives. For gluten-free or organic goods they are turning to new brands and smaller producers they think they can trust. It leaves companies like Nestlé, the world’s largest food company […]