Water Scarcity Solutions Highlight: Air flow dyeing machines in textile production

Location: Guangdong, China Volumetric impact: 362,000 m3/yr Capital cost: $1,968,000 Estimated unit cost of water: 55 ¢/m3 The Zhaoqing Jiarong Knitwear Dyeing and Finishing Company is located in the Guangdong Province, within the city of Zhaoqing. Its annual dyeing and finishing capacity is 15 000 tonnes of knitted fabric. As part of China’s five-year plan launched in 2011, all of […]

Prioritizing Water Investments in Mexico

Mexico City, October 2015 — Two workshops were recently held in Mexico on the prioritization of investments for CONAGUA, the National Water Commission. The workshops have been organized by CONAGUA, 2030 WRG and consultants Amec Foster Wheeler and Castalia. The 2030WRG/CONAGUA joint initiative for developing a capital investment prioritization system will engage in the assessment and […]

Coastweek: Kenya launches public private partnership to sort water scarcity

News Source: Coastweek via Xinhua News Agency NAIROBI (Xinhua) — Kenya’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation has launched a partnership with multilateral agencies, industry and civil society to explore innovations that would offer durable solution to water scarcity in the country. Officials said the launch of Kenya 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG) marked a critical […]

NTV Kenya: Kenyans urged to engage in water conservation, banking

News Source: NTV Kenya How informed are Kenyans on water conservation efforts, especially as El Nino approaches? Are there any water banking efforts? By the year 2030, the country will have a 31% gap between water demand and supply. This is according to World Bank affiliate, 2030 Water Resources Group, which co-launched a water security […]

KBC TV: Kenya steps up efforts to address water shortage

News Source: KBC TV   The government, the private sector and civil societies in partnership with the 2030 Water Resources Group are deliberating on addressing the issue of water shortage in the country. 2030 Water Resources Group Executive Director Anders Berntell says unsustainable use of water resources will have negative effects for economic development, food security […]

Kenya tackles future water gap with 2030 Water Resources Group

Nairobi, Kenya, 12 October 2015—The Kenya 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG) Partnership was launched today at a high level roundtable which brought together senior members of Kenya’s government, private sector and civil society to discuss solutions to bridging the gap between the country’s future water demand and supply. If Kenya maintains a “business-as-usual” approach […]

New Program Manager SWPN South Africa

Zama Siqalaba has been recruited as the new Program Manager for the Strategic Water Partners Network (SWPN) in June 2015. Zama has been involved in numerous water projects throughout South Africa and has already begun supporting the diversity of projects underway. With the secretariat now fully staffed again, the priority for the next six months […]

2030 WRG International Knowledge Exchange South Africa

The 2030 Water Resources Group is organizing an international knowledge exchange in South Africa in February 2016. The Group sees it as an important task to foster the exchange of knowledge and international best practices amongst stakeholders. The meeting is a second in a series of international knowledge exchanges that will bring together leaders from across […]

Watershed Connect: Watershed Managers Seek Large-Scale Finance In Private-Public Partnerships, Knowledge Brokering, And Risk Sharing

News source: Watersched Connect By Kelli Barrett The global water crisis will hit everyone from brewers to bakers hard, but it’s still the rare company that steps up to conserve watersheds. Several participants at a World Water Week event last week highlighted the need to entice private actors into partnerships with public entities by spreading […]