Consolidation and Analysis of Information on Water Resources Management in Bangladesh

The 2030 WRG commissioned PwC and BCAS to consolidate and analyze information on water resources management in Bangladesh. The first objective of the analysis was to identify key water resources challenges and priorities today and in 2030. The second objective was to raise awareness and to mobilize and engage new actors from the private sector […]

Fénix Power Peru wins Peru 2021 water prize in Lima

Lima, Peru, 25 November, 2015 – At a very crowded awarding ceremony, the company Fénix Power Peru, won the “Peru 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Award” in the category ‘water’. The company is based in Lima and provides natural gas fired power generation services and operates as a subsidiary of AEI Services LLC. The company won the […]

Business Day Live: Our dirty, dwindling water supply

News Source: Business Day Live By Tom Nevin WHILE a drought is threatening SA and there is growing demand for water and a diminishing capacity to supply it, the real issue now is the worsening quality, experts say. The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) believes that quality, rather than quantity, is the big issue […]