Hindon Yatra: A Multi-Stakeholder Journey Towards River Rejuvenation

The Hindon Yatra documents the journey of the river Hindon and its people from its source in the Shivalik hills of Western Uttar Pradesh as it traverses almost 400 kilometers downstream to merge with the Yamuna. The Yatra is the culmination of a stakeholder mapping exercise conducted by the 2030 WRG India program in 2015 […]

Mongolia: Prioritized solutions to close the water gap: Hydro-economic analysis on the coal mining regions in Mongolia’s Gobi desert

Economic development in Mongolia puts a strain on the water resources in areas where demand for water requires large water supplies. Hence, in some cases, water is not only a limiting factor for economic growth and development, but also an opportunity. The focus of this analysis lies in the coal mining regions Tavan Tolgoi and […]

East African Business Week: River protection starts in Tanzania

News Source: East African Business Week By Timothy Kitundu, Monday, June 20th, 2016 DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – A major multi-stakeholder initiative to improve water management in the Great Ruaha River has been launched during a recent workshop to review supply and demand challenges in the catchment area.  The Great Ruaha Restoration Campaign (GRRC) brings […]

All Africa: Tanzania – Plans Underway to Boost Water Catchment Areas

News Source: allAfrica (Tanzania Daily News) A major multi stakeholder initiative to improve water management in the Great Ruaha River has been launched to review supply and demand challenges in the catchment area, which is a vital part of the national economy. According to a statement, the Great Ruaha Restoration Campaign (GRRC) brings together stakeholders impacted […]

The Guardian (IPP Media): Setting a new catchment-level to restore the Great Ruaha

News Source: The Guardian (IPP Media)   THE Great Ruaha River and its catchment area are critical to Tanzania’s economy. By DEO MFUGALE The catchment has the potential to produce 50 per cent of Tanzania’s installed hydroelectric power and accounts for about 40 per cent of rice produced in the country, not to mention some […]

2030 Water Resources Group and Kenya Join Forces to Close Gap Between Water Supply and Demand

PRESS RELEASE Copenhagen, 7 June, 2016 —The 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG) today announced a partnership with Kenya at the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) Summit in Denmark. The 2030 WRG is a unique public-private-civil society collaboration that aims to close the gap between supply and demand in water-stressed developing countries. Without urgent action, […]

The Citizen: Learning from Ruaha

News Source: The Citizen The challenge facing the Ruaha is illustrative of the rationale for the establishment of the 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG) Tanzania Partnership. We bring together stakeholders impacted by water stress, from across the public sector, private sector, and civil society, to find collective solutions that are essential for the management […]

Ongoing progress in Bangladesh country engagement

Bangladesh Country Update Supported by 2030 WRG, the Bangladesh Water Multi-Stakeholder Partnership (MSP), which was established in December 2015, has successfully worked to create strong champions in the Government of Bangladesh (at the policy level), private sector and civil society. Before 2030 WRG started its program in Bangladesh, the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) primarily considered […]

Expanding our reach: 2030 WRG current scoping missions

In an effort to further expand our reach beyond our current scope, we are currently scouting other potential countries where our partnerships could help countries achieve a water-secure future. In Latin America, a comparative analysis recommended pursuing the scoping in Sao Paulo state (Brazil) and Colombia. A comparative analysis in Africa recommended pursuing the scoping process in […]

2030 WRG Develops Mine Water Management Program in Mongolia

Mongolia Country Update On the basis of a recently concluded hydro-economic assessment of the mining sector in Mongolia, 2030 WRG is developing a regional mining program to incentivize better water management in Mongolia’s mining industry. The hydro-economic analysis focused on water demand reduction and water supply augmentation options for the Tavan Tolgoi and Shivee Ovoo regions […]