India: Circular Economy Pathways for Municipal Wastewater Management in India: A Practitioner’s Guide

Water-use patterns in cities are complex, and the quality of water required for a particular use is unique. Along with the residential population, cities host industries and commercial sectors, which already pay higher tariffs for water, even with limited supply assurance. As much as 60% of major industries are impacted due to water scarcities. In […]

Karnataka, India: Wastewater Reuse Potential: Rapid Assessment of Urban Wastewater Reuse Opportunities in Three Cities of Karnataka

Water availability has become an important driver for facilitating economic growth in the state of Karnataka. As only 20% of water supplied is consumed, and the balance of 80% is wastewater, treatment and reuse of this wastewater will reduce the pressure to augment water supply from freshwater sources. The Government of Karnataka and respective city […]

Dow Brazil and 2030 WRG organize joint workshop on sustainable finance in the water sector

The 2030 Water Resources Group and DOW Brazil are jointly organizing a Workshop on Sustainable Finance in the Water Sector in São Paulo, Brazil, on Friday, 11 November, 2016. During the workshop, São Paulo state government representatives, private sector leaders, civil society and academics will explore the challenges and opportunities in managing water resources in São […]

Saharanpur Project Development Workshop – IIT Roorkee & 2030 WRG

A workshop on “groundwater recharge opportunities in Hindon River Basin“ was organized, partnering with Department of Irrigation, 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG), and Saharanpur Municipal Corporation on July 13th. The workshop was organized under Hindon Yatra Exhibition & Symposium 2016 as an exercise leading to multi- stakeholder action for river rejuvenation. The workshop was […]

Hindon Yatra Launch in Saharanpur

The UP Department of Irrigation & Water Resources together with Saharanpur Municipal Corporation and the 2030 Water Resources Group organized a successful program to raise awareness and promote good practice solutions to improve the alarming situation of the water bodies in the Hindon river basin. The basin stretches from the Shevalik hills to Greater Noida, […]

Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership Launches Uniting Three Counties

14 October 2016 – Following a commitment from almost 30 public-private-civil society partners to collectively address water-related risks in the Upper Ewaso Ng’iro North Catchment, the Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership, or MKEWP, launched in October and was joined by over 140 stakeholders. Spearheaded by the County Government of Laikipia, the Laikipia Wildlife Forum, Mount Kenya […]

Business Daily: Working towards a water-smart future for Kenya

News Source: Business Daily By PHYLLIS WAKIAGA Posted  Tuesday, October 4   2016 Continued growth and investment in our country’s largest urban centres is placing an increasing strain on water and wastewater systems. For example, water supply in Nairobi today is estimated to be 20 percent below total demand. If current trends continue, this deficit is expected […]