2017 Annual Report: Scaling Up for Impact

In 2017, 2030 WRG continued to work with water-stressed countries, at their invitation, to help the public sector work with the private sector and civil society to find solutions to the water crisis and responsibly manage this precious resource.

During the year, 2030 WRG worked with more than 642 partners from across the public, private, and civil society sectors. These partners participated in 46 working groups in 14 countries/states. We play an important role in breaking down siloes in countries and encouraging open discussion and collaboration across a range of stakeholders.

The working groups identified their priorities and developed 83 concept notes in total, which were used to create 67 proposals during the year. Of these, 58 are being prepared for implementation and 53 have been fully implemented. 2030 WRG and its partners are focused on concrete programs that can make a real difference, and their efforts are seeing results.

Read more about our efforts to establish drip-irrigation market linkages in Karnataka, our new partnership for water security in Sao Paulo, multi-stakeholder solutions in Maharashtra, responsible industrial water management in Kenya, exploring opportunities in Vietnam and what lies ahead of us in the coming year.

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