Country/state fact sheets (updated)

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SWPN co-hosts 5th Annual Water Stewardship Event in Johannesburg

No value chain is stronger than its weakest link, and this is particularly true for the water sector – the value chain consisting of upstream supply chain, operations and downstream product use. But can a weak link be strengthened through partnerships? This is the question that guided the discussions of over 150 senior leaders from […]

2030 WRG Governing Council discusses leadership areas, accelerating and expanding impact and reach

New York, September 2019 – The 2030 WRG Governing Council met in New York, during the World Economic Forum Sustainability Impact Summit, to discuss global water security trends and the impact and contribution of the work around the globe. Co-chairs Laura Tuck, Vice President for Sustainable Development, World Bank and Paul Bulcke, Chairman of the […]


Irrigation infrastructure in Mexico has suffered from steep disinvestment, so the 2030 WRG supported the launch of the PPPs for an Agri-Water Infrastructure Initiative that enables multi-stakeholder dialogue to address the challenges and opportunities for PPPs in the sector.

São Paulo, Brazil

Very often, the need to increase local capacity for wastewater treatment has been addressed by building new facilities or expanding the existing ones, which can be very expensive. SABESP and 2030 WRG in São Paulo teamed up to invest more efficiently by optimizing the existent wastewater treatment plant’s performance.


Because rivers are an important source of water in Mongolia, the 2030 WRG enabled a Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) at the local river basin level and reformed existing River Basin Councils by establishing river basin MSPs – an approach that has never been used before.

South Africa

Non-revenue water in South Africa is a problem due to a lack of investment in the maintenance of existing infrastructures. To address this, the 2030 WRG assisted in setting up the No Drop Program, a scorecard that assesses municipalities on various criteria.