The 2030 WRG Strategy

In 2014, the 2030 WRG undertook an evaluation that delivered insights and arguments toward optimizing quality, steering, and accountability of the platform and its deliverables. The objective was to reflect on its relevance, determine its performance against expectations, and capture its efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability. It will promote organizational learning and provide a source of evidence-based decision-making for the enhanced strategic guidance, operational management, and results orientation of the 2030 WRG in general. In particular, the outcomes of the evaluation informed the elaboration of the new Strategic Plan (July 2014 – June 2017) of the 2030 WRG.

Dalberg Evaluation Report


The evaluation was performed by Dalberg and was based on a desk review, three country visits, and close to 60 interviews with a diverse group of stakeholders and experts including 2030 WRG staff, Steering Board and Governing Council members, sector experts, and representatives from the public sector, private sector, and civil society. Some of the concrete conclusions and recommendations were immediately addressed and incorporated in the new Strategic Plan and Budget. This plan was approved by the Governing Council in its 27 June 2014 meeting.

Recommendations include:

  • A clearer value proposition
  • A better description of the ACT (Analyze, Convene, Transform) approach that 2030 WRG is using, including explicit reference to the flexibility and modular approach by which we implement it
  • Opening up for a tiered approach when it comes to the level of involvement in a country, and when we can leave over the responsibility for the work to someone else
  • Clearer definition of targets and indicators for our Objectives and Outcomes
  • Staffing and human resources issues, including team size and structure

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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Other conclusions and recommendations were more briefly addressed in the Strategic Plan and Budget, where the 2030 WRG committed to continue to develop those aspects of our work in the near future. Many of those recommendations focused on the need for the 2030 WRG to develop effective partnerships with various actors – private sector, international organizations, and civil society – at the global and local levels. We find this a very important aspect of our work. Particularly since we ourselves are one such partnership, working with other partners should be one of our strengths and core elements.

Recommendations include:

  • The development of a Theory of Change
  • Structured approach for stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Partnerships with other international organizations
  • Working with our global partners in the countries in which we work
  • Involvement of civil society in the governance of the 2030 WRG
  • Strengthening of fundraising capabilities and attracting more private sector actors

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