Key Focus and Solution Areas

Key Focus Areas

Solution Areas

Key Focus (Water Demand) Areas

Agricultural Water-Use Efficiency

The 2030 WRG works on improving agricultural water-use efficiency in most of its partner countries. We help develop public-private partnerships to enhance the productive use of agri-water, thereby increasing agricultural water savings, reducing run-off pollution, and increasing farm productivity and income. The 2030 WRG’s programs include a combination of water-efficiency solutions, infrastructure development, local water governance, good agricultural and sustainability practices, and market linkages, supported by an enabling policy and regulatory environment.

Industrial Water-Use Reduction and Reuse

The 2030 WRG identifies public-private partnership opportunities in industrial sectors, bringing in best-practice technological solutions and financing models, and implementing demand-side efficiency measures through wastewater treatment and reuse. We also work with governments, the private sector, and civil society to develop tariff structures for industrial water use.

Municipal Water Loss Reduction

The 2030 WRG convenes stakeholders to assess the status of municipalities’ water usage and incentivize them to reduce leakages. We also support private sector participation to improve municipalities’ performance in managing their wastewater, including identifying opportunities for its reuse and recycling.