Global Partners

Multilateral and Bilateral Agencies

Multilateral and bilateral agencies play a critical role in several areas, including representing the public sector and governments in our programs, supporting financial sustainability, and sharing insights on water issues.

Private Sector

Recognizing the importance of building a diversified base of private sector global partners, the 2030 WRG is undertaking a focused effort to engage additional private sector partners. Working with its global network and leveraging partner organizations like the International Finance Corporation and the World Economic Forum, the 2030 WRG currently has 4 private sector global partner companies.

Cooperation with Civil Society

As a multi-stakeholder initiative, an active partnership with civil society organizations is a basic requirement for the 2030 WRG. This is more pronounced considering the political sensitivity of water issues in partner countries. The 2030 WRG recognizes that a more structured approach to partnering with civil society is needed.

Partner Logos