Key Principles

Our work touches the lives of many people and can have huge impacts for communities, businesses, and countries. Four key principles guide us as we live out our ambitious mission to help countries achieve water security by 2030.

Principle 1: Inclusivity

We believe that everyone whose lives will be affected by projects we facilitate should have their voice heard. We strive to create truly inclusive Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSPs) by bringing all legitimate stakeholders to the table. By providing a neutral and open platform, we ensure that everyone’s interest – including women, minorities, and other vulnerable populations – are represented during the decision-making process. Only then can the solutions that emerge be fair, lasting, and impactful.

Principle 2: Transparency

Credible information is necessary to promote a broad understanding of the issues at hand. Equipped with reliable data, key decision-makers in the public and private sectors and civil society can then exercise educated judgement. Furthermore, transparency engenders trust – a key ingredient in every partnership. We make all our information freely available to our partners and their stakeholders on our website, and we encourage our partners to do so, too.

Principle 3: Accountability

Solving complex problems like global security demands leadership from every relevant stakeholder, and leaders at every level need to be accountable for their actions and decisions. The 2030 WRG’s Code of Conduct governs our Secretariat, MSP Chairs, personnel on temporary assignment, and corporate and non-corporate members. We are dedicated to delivering on our commitments, and we encourage and support our partners to do the same.

Principle 4: Integrity

We understand that our work together with our partners can have lasting impact on the environment and the lives of people. We believe the work we do matters, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, ethical behavior, and good business practices. Similarly, we expect our counterparts to do the same. Our due diligence process helps us identify, evaluate, and document integrity risks. Suspected fraud or corruption can be reported directly at +1 (800) 831-0463 or via e-mail at