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Wastewater Reuse Association formed in drought-prone village in Aurangabad, Maharashtra for reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation

Under Workstream 3 – Wastewater Reuse and Management of the Maharashtra Water MSP, the 2030 WRG with active support from the Project on Climate Resilient Agriculture, facilitated the formation of a first-of-its-kind Wastewater Reuse Association in Zalta GP, Aurangabad, one of the 15 drought-prone districts in Maharashtra state. The Zalta Wastewater Reuse Association (WWRUA) was […]

Finding new purpose: Propelling agribusiness marketing through irrigators’ cooperatives

Supported by the 2030 WRG, the Drip-to-Market Agri-Corridor (DMAC) is a joint initiative of the Karnataka government’s Departments of Water Resources, Agriculture, and Horticulture. The first of its kind in India, the DMAC is a large-scale initiative that focuses on connecting drip–irrigated areas with market linkages, with the private sector playing a major role in […]

Global Water Intelligence Magazine: Maharashtra state and 2030 Water Resources Group aim to pilot trading mechanism to incentivise reuse

Source: Global Water Intelligence Magazine, Vol. 21, Issue 3, 19 March 2020 (membership only) India’s highly industrialised Maharashtra region hopes to increase wastewater treatment and recycling through a novel trading mechanism for reuse certificates. The Indian state of Maharashtra and the 2030 Water Resources Group (WRG), a partnership hosted by the World Bank, are planning […]

Demo project for treated wastewater reuse implemented in Mongolia

The 2030 WRG Mongolia program implemented a demonstration project for treated wastewater reuse for toilet flushing and other uses at the Mongolian Teachers’ Development Institute in Ulaanbaatar city. The project originated under 2030 WRG’s Mongolia multi-stakeholder platform. 2030 WRG introduced polluter pays principles in Mongolia through amendments to the Water Pollution Fee law and associated […]

GWI Magazine: Kenya asks for help with performance-linked NRW contracts at group of utilities

Source: Global Water Intelligence Magazine, Vol. 21, Issue 2, 20 February 2020 (membership only) Consultants are being sought to work with six utilities all trying to tackle the perennial issue of non-revenue water. Kenya’s regulator, the Water Services Board (Wasreb), has issued a request for expressions of interest from consultants to assess the suitability and […]

2030 WRG Bangladesh Dissemination Workshop on Valuing Water

By Jennifer Möller-Guland Bangladesh is starting something no country has done before: developing and implementing the assessment of the value of water so that all future investment decisions – from government and private sector – will consider their impact on water and make better decisions. On November 17, 2019 in Dhaka, the 2030 WRG in […]

Q&A with President of Consejo Consultivo del Agua: Collective Action Central to the Democratic Process

Victor Lichtinger is the President of Consejo Consultivo del Agua (CCA), Mexico’s water advisory council. In this interview, he discusses how the 2030 WRG is addressing bottlenecks to progress in a democratic way. Water resources challenges are complex, interdependent, and highly political in nature. No political or social actor can address or tackle these challenges […]

The Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor: Is Latin America Facing a New Crisis Over Water Stress?

Featured Q&A Q Chile and Mexico are among the countries in the world most susceptible to “water stress,” according to the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas, which the World Resources Institute updated last month. The index measures the amounts of water that irrigated agriculture, industries and municipalities withdraw annually from their available supply, as well as […]

Country Innovation Story | Mongolia: Strengthening Urban Water Management

Strengthening Urban Water Management By Bulgan, General Director, Department of Green Policy and Strategic Planning, MET; and Mr. L. Erdenbulgan, Head of Water Resources Division, MET on behalf of the MSP members The Challenge  Mongolia receives only 378 mm of rainfall annually, which is a mere fraction of a global average of 900 mm. The country also has limited surface water […]