The Bangladesh Multi-stakeholder Platform

Work Streams

The transformative projects, catalyzed through the Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) will aim at making significant contribution to improving water security and quality of water (wastewater treatment) by reducing the demand-supply gap and/or improving the quality of available water resources for agricultural, industrial, domestic use to ensure sustainability of essential eco-system services. 2030 WRG’s engagement in Bangladesh aims to work with the stakeholders through the BDP 2100 and the Water MSP.

(1) Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP 2100): In June 2015, 2030 WRG, the Government of Bangladesh and other partners signed the BDP 2100 MoU for the planning and subsequent implementation of the Plan, a long term 100 year vision with a holistic, adaptive approach towards delta management. Recognizing that scenarios play a central role in defining future adaptive strategies, the program will lead by assessing the possible impacts of population growth, economic development and climate change. Linking this adaptive delta management approach to investments, 2030 WRG is working with the World Bank to identify potential private sector investment opportunities in water infrastructure.

A key output for the program is the delivery of an Investment Plan (IP), a comprehensive project portfolio blueprint prioritizing projects in infrastructure, institutional capacity building including legislative and regulatory reform. To be developed in conjunction with the BDP 2100 priorities, the partner identification process for formulation of the IP is already underway.

(2) 2030 WRG Bangladesh Multi-Stakeholder Partnership: The 2030 WRG recently launched a multi-stakeholder partnership in Bangladesh, which includes representatives from the government, the private sector, civil society, and development partners. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh has approved the partnership, giving it a high-level mandate to address water security issues. The partnership’s national steering board is chaired by the Cabinet Secretary – the most senior civil servant in the country. The MSP has identified three work streams for focusing efforts—on water governance and sustainability, Greater Dhaka Watershed restoration, and efficiency in agricultural water use. The multi-stakeholder platform is catalyzing transformative projects to reduce the demand-supply gap and improve the quality of water resources for agricultural, industrial, and domestic use.

The work of the Water MSP will focus on three work-streams:

  1. Water Governance and Sustainability
  2. Greater Dhaka Watershed Restoration
  3. Agricultural water efficiency

Key Partners
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