The Bangladesh Multi-Stakeholder Platform

The 2030 WRG Bangladesh program’s overall goal is to improve water resources management in the urban, industrial, and agricultural sectors through collaborative transformative actions. In December 2015, following the high-level approval by the Prime Minister of the Bangladesh Water Multi-Stakeholder Partnership (BWMSP), the 2030 WRG worked to establish the National Steering Board under the leadership of the Cabinet Secretary (the highestranking civil servant in the government).

The National Steering Board of the BWMSP comprises high-level stakeholders from the public and private sectors and civil society. Representation from the public sector includes the Cabinet Secretary, the Principal Secretary, and representatives from various government ministries that deal with water resources, including the Ministry of Water, Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Land, Ministry of Shipping, and Ministry of Agriculture. In addition to national government agencies, stakeholders from the public sector include local government officials.

Representation from the private sector includes Mr. Mahbubur Rahman, President of the International Chamber of Commerce, who co-chairs the Steering Board and other key agencies such as the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association, as well as multinationals such as Coca-Cola and Nestlé.

Civil society partners include organizations such as BRAC and the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.


All activities under the Bangladesh program transpire upon receiving recommendation and guidance from the Steering Board. Under the BWMSP’s mandate, four separate workstreams were formed to develop better water management practices with support from the 2030 WRG:

  • Agricultural Water workstream, chaired by the Secretary, aims to promote efficient irrigation processes;
  • Water Governance and Sustainability workstream, chaired by the Secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources;
  • Greater Dhaka Watershed Restoration workstream, chaired by Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government of Rural Development and Cooperatives; and
  • Industrial Water and Wastewater workstream, chaired by the Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Key Partners
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