2021 Annual Report: From Dialogue to Action, the Road to 2030

This year’s publication marks the tenth annual report of 2030 WRG. It also marks the end of another difficult fiscal period during which COVID-19 continued to have a devastating impact on the world. The link between health and water has never been clearer, and yet there is much to be done to ensure there is […]

2020 Annual Report: Valuing Water, Enabling Change

Water is a critical linchpin for the climate, environment, and resilience agendas. It is vital to protecting and replenishing natural, human, and economic capital. Today, our work is more important than ever as water is central to preventing and combating COVID-19. While there is awareness of the urgency of water sector challenges, the World Economic […]

2019 Annual Report: Building Trust, Growing Resilience

This report tracks our activities between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019 (Fiscal Year 2019). It provides a record of our strategic approach, our governance structures, and our work at the country level during the year. Read or download the 2019 Annual Report >>

2018 Annual Report: Local Innovations for Global Water Security

The track record of the 2030 WRG in stewarding Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSPs) from dialogue to action and impact is growing and has shown significant results in Fiscal Year 2018 (1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018). A total of 746 partners (308 from the private sector, 154 from government, 284 from civil society/other) participating in […]

2017 Annual Report: Scaling Up for Impact

In 2017, the 2030 WRG worked with more than 642 partners from across the public, private, and civil society sectors. These partners participated in 46 working groups in 14 countries/states. The working groups identified their priorities and developed 83 concept notes in total, which were used to create 67 proposals during the year. Of these, […]

2016 Annual Report: Partnerships for Transformation

In 2016, the 2030 WRG helped set up 10 national Multi-Stakeholder Platforms, 36 working groups collaborated on proposals, 505 active partners participated in steering boards and working groups, and 14 programs were being implemented on the ground. This year’s annual report cover is a photo of a cotton flower. The 2030 WRG launched the Maharashtra […]

2015 Annual Report: Moving Towards Implementation

In 2015, the 2030 WRG continued to work with water-stressed countries, at their invitation, to coordinate a response to the immense challenge of water security. We help the public sector, private sector, and civil society work together to find solutions to the water crisis and responsibly manage this precious resource. The report contains key highlights […]

2014 Annual Report: Building Partnerships for Water Security

This report presents some exciting results in the 2030 WRG countries, where the past year has seen much progress. The team has worked hard to facilitate the process and discussions needed to identify focus areas for upcoming projects and programs. The 2030 WRG, now operating in its second phase, continues to build and foster valuable […]

2013 Annual Report: Expanding our Horizons

Sustainable change cannot be achieved through better water resources management unless boundaries are regularly enlarged to be more inclusive. The 2030 WRG is adding a second, “horizontal” dimension to its institutional growth. We are highlighting a priority that we assign to this approach through this report entitled Expanding Our Horizons. We expand knowledge and involvement […]

2012 Annual Report: Catalysts for Action

The 2030 WRG entered a new phase in 2012. Thanks to the collaboration between the 2030 WRG and our partners, donors, governments, companies, NGOs, and CSOs, we experienced great progress and achievements in the year. Together, we have shaped the agenda for discussion on water resources and established new models for collaboration. Read or download […]