Driving water-enabled growth in Karnataka: Agriculture sector

Driving water-enabled growth in KarnatakaKarnataka, one of India’s most water scarce states, has a major challenge at hand. Its agricultural and economic growth aspirations will lead to an estimated 60 percent increase in water demand by 2030. Karnataka will be unable to meet this demand unless it focuses on a state-driven comprehensive transformation of its water and agriculture sectors. This report outlines seven initiatives, supported by five enablers, and an effective process leading to the implementation of this plan to drive this transformation.

The actions prescribed in this report have the potential to:

  • Unlock approximately 1,400 thousand million cubic feet (TMC) in additional available water – more than the 636 TMC in projected incremental demand
    by 2030.
  • Increase farmer income by 50 per cent on average from INR 24,000 to INR 38,000 (2004 to 2005 prices) by 2020 and double income to INR 49,000 by 2030, thereby improving the living standards of the large farmer community in the state.
  • Free up 340 TMC of water by 2020 and 700 TMC by 2030, which can be used for additional irrigation or be made available for industry and domestic purposes.

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