Water Challenges

Ethiopia has a generous water endowment of 122Bm3 of water available annually but is faced with high levels of variability, both geographically and temporally. The country currently lacks the necessary infrastructure to adequately manage this variability, and it is estimated that hydrological variability costs the Ethiopian economy 38 percent of its potential growth rate and contributes to a 25 percent increase in poverty rates.


Based on stakeholder consultations, two initial priority areas and multi-stakeholder work streams are under investigation and will be defined in the near future: (a) Water for Agriculture – aims to accelerate water use efficiency and supporting water productivity improvements in agricultural cultivation ; (b) Water for Industrialization- aims to support integrated water resources management for industrial practices, including acceleration of wastewater treatment & reuse, public-private-community partnership models, and finance facilitation. These work streams will be further validated by the outcomes of the hydro-economic analysis.

Our Role

Over 100 consultations were held with different stakeholders to understand the challenges they face in water. Several small gatherings were convened by 2030 WRG to discuss the governance structure and to brainstorm around the focus areas.