Hindon Yatra, a Multi-Stakeholder Journey Towards River Rejuvenation

Hindon YatraThe Hindon Yatra documents the journey of the river Hindon and its people from its source in the Shivalik hills of Western Uttar Pradesh as it traverses almost 400 kilometers downstream to merge with the Yamuna. The Yatra is the culmination of a stakeholder mapping exercise conducted by 2030 Water Resources Group and India Water Partnership in 2015-2016 to assess the current levels of pollution in the Hindon river as well as numerous efforts to revive the Hindon. Over the past six months, we conducted literature reviews, field visits and focused group discussions with local government, industries, NGOs and academia working along the banks of the Hindon.

The Hindon Yatra Handbook is the result of collaborative efforts of the 2030 Water Resources Group, the Government of Uttar Pradesh particularly the Irrigation & Water Resources Department and local administration, industries, research institutes and communities involved in the Rejuvenation of the Hindon River. The  case studies presented provide a ray of hope by showcasing work already being undertaken by the state government, NGOs, lawyers, activists, private sector and research organizations to address the many challenges.

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