Call for Water Scarcity Solutions!

Do you know any initiatives that focus on reducing water use or managing water risk globally?
Please help us share your best practices with the larger water community.

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WEF: Water is number one economic and societal risk

The World Economic Forum ranks water as the number one global risk. The report assesses risks that are
global in nature and have the potential to cause significant negative impact across countries and industries.

The Global Risk Report 2015 - Water number 1 global risk
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Paving the way forward toward a water secure Bangladesh

A Multi-Stakeholder Engagement on Water Resources will be organized in Bangladesh
on 18 March, 2015. The event will be jointly hosted by the Water Resources Planning
Organization of the Ministry of Water Resources.

Bangladeshi women carry water
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2014 Annual Report

Find out about the country progress achieved so far. Our stories reflect our activities
in the textile industry in Bangladesh, the sugarcane industry in India, successful
programs in South Africa, innovative financial solutions in Peru, and much more.
See also our various analytical studies and new partnerships we have engaged in.
2030 WRG 2014 Annual Report Cover
Photo by the Water and Sanitation Program, World Bank Group.
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