The Hindon Yatra traveling exhibition and symposium demonstrates the positive energy and efforts being undertaken by multi stakeholders across governments, civil society and the private sector for rejuvenation of the the Hindon river. The documentation of these projects will encourage a significant scaling up of the collective action required to complete the task in coming years. The Yatra includes a few cases from outside the Hindon basin that provide for a strong replication opportunity in support of the Ganga tributary approach.

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of symposiums as it travels across the Hindon basin from Lucknow to Delhi, weaving together multiple stakeholders to collaborate to save the Hindon. An advisory committee comprising of senior leaders in each of the different sectors impacting river rejuvenation have guided the compilation of good practices from the Hindon into a handbook and multi-media exhibition. While 2030 Water Resources Group served as the secretariat for the project, financial, logistics and in kind support was provided by the stakeholders involved as participants and owners of the process.