Karnataka’s Multi-stakeholder Platform


The Karnataka workstreams, chaired by steering board members, in which several other partners participate include:

  1. Agri-Water Efficiency: Chaired by the Principal Secretary, Water Resources Department, the workstream aims to contribute to water-use efficiency at scale, while developing replicable frameworks for market-driven solutions and public-private-community participation models. The workstream has supported one of the world’s largest community drip projects, as well as new financing mechanisms for the adoption of water-efficient technologies. A number of agribusiness companies are engaged in the workstream for the design of initiatives with a robust business case for action.
  2. Urban Water: This workstream is chaired by the Principal Secretary, Urban Development and aims to facilitate better urban water management for key Karnataka cities. The 2030 WRG has supported the adoption of a policy framework for wastewater reuse in the past under this workstream and is currently working toward designing Public-Private Partnership (PPP) opportunities for circular economy solutions, as well as strengthening the enabling environment to support the reuse of treated wastewater in peri-urban agricultural areas.
  3. Industrial Water: This workstream is chaired by the Principal Secretary, Commerce and Industries Department. Together with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the 2030 WRG serves as the secretariat of the workstream, facilitating collaborative industry partnerships and benchmarking for circular economy solutions in the use of industrial water. Key participants include representatives from industry associations and academia (e.g. Indian Institute of Science), among others.

Key Partners

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