Water Challenges

  • 30% gap between water demand and practically available water supply by 2030
  • Climate change, deforestation, unsustainable consumption behaviors, and catchment degradation are worsening the impacts of droughts and floods, resulting in increased water stress and insecurity for agricultural, industrial, and domestic users.
  • Planned development targets will require more water to meet the needs of energy, agriculture, and manufacturing; and competition for water is increasing.
  • Water loss remains a major challenge in urban areas, with commercial and physical losses accounting for about 42% of total water.

Kenya Program

Learn more about our Kenya program and get to know our partners from this short film.

Our Role

The 2030 WRG was invited in 2014 by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources to support the development of a national Multi-Stakeholder Platform. The structure of the Kenya 2030 WRG program was formally launched in October 2015.


We have completed a preliminary hydro-economic analysis, developed a partnership structure with stakeholders, and conducted extensive consultations across the public sector, private sector, and civil society. Technical working groups on agricultural water, industrial water, and urban water have been formed.


The opportunities highlighted by stakeholders include the development and strengthening of agricultural, industrial, and urban water management.

Key Partners

Click here for a list of our key partners in Kenya.

Kenya workstream short films

Please see below our short films that explain a bit more about our work in the areas of agricultural and industrial water, and joint catchment management.