Kenya’s Multi-stakeholder Platform

Work Streams

Consultation with 2030 WRG participants suggested the following priorities and cross-cutting areas of interest, which are being developed through Work Streams.
Agricultural water management:
– Collective action to manage water risks in critical agricultural catchments.
– Partnerships to support the sustainable expansion of water-efficient irrigation.

Industrial water management:
Partnerships to increase water-use efficiency, enhance wastewater treatment, and supply treated water to other users.

Urban water management:
Technical and financial innovations to reduce urban water losses and support expanded water access and treatment.

The board also identified water governance and the development of financing solutions and innovative business models as key cross-cutting themes.

Technical working groups on catchment management (Mt. Kenya region), industrial water, and urban water have been formed, and a fourth group on irrigation is expected to be formed early in 2016.

Key Partners
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