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Water Challenges

The State of Maharashtra is facing an increasing gap between water availability and demand. It is also prone to various types of natural disasters, such as cyclones, earthquakes, floods and droughts. With a large percentage of families dependent especially on rain-fed farming, droughts pose a significant and persistent risk to continued economic and human development.


The 2030 WRG’s partnership with the Government of Maharashtra, initiated in 2014 under the leadership of the Chief Minister, aims to mobilize diverse stakeholders to help address water challenges across the state’s agricultural, industrial, and urban sectors.

Our Role

The 2030 WRG acts as a catalyst in a multi-stakeholder process (initiated with Maharashtra’s Department of Agriculture, a group of private sector companies, civil society organizations) by helping produce technical analyses and convene key decision makers across Government, the business community, civil society, financial institutions, academia and development agencies.


A multi-stakeholder Agri-Water Partnership has been established since April 2014 and a hydro-economic analysis was completed with a specific focus on improved water-enabled sustainable development in Maharashtra’s agricultural sector.

Key Partners

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