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Water Challenges

Mexico faces important water resources management, water supply and sanitation, and water security challenges. A “gap analysis” conducted recently estimates that in 2030, the water gap could exceed 23 million m³/year.


The 2030 WRG is a member of the Consejo Consultivo del Agua A.C. (CCA), which is Mexico’s water advisory council. A national level Multi-Stakeholder Platform that has been existence since the year 2000, the CCA comprises members of the private sector, interest group associations, commercial chambers, universities, non-governmental organizations, water utilities, and private individuals.


The 2030 WRG has helped to create four thematic committees, and each has launched a respective initiative, including: the Public-Private-Partnerships for Agri-Water Initiative, the Green Infrastructure Solutions Initiative, the Water Security and Legal Certainty Initiative, and the Toluca Water Security Initiative.

Our Role

The 2030 WRG entered into an agreement of cooperation with the CCC in 2015 and became a full CCA member that same year, a process that benefited from the support of Nestlé-Mexico. This situation conveyed the 2030 WRG with all the rights and responsibilities of a CCA Member.

Key Partners

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