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Water Challenges

Mexico faces important water resources management, water supply and sanitation and water security challenges. A ‘gap analysis’ conducted recently estimates that in 2030 the water gap could exceed 23 million m3/yr.


The 2030WRG/CONAGUA joint initiative comprises three main initiatives: the development of a capital investment prioritization system, the analysis of the challenges and opportunities for private sector involvement in the water sector and the establishment of a Multi-stakeholder Platform (MSP).


The National Water Commission in Mexico, CONAGUA, and the 2030 WRG have signed a Cooperation Accord in July 2015 to collaborate on a joint program. In partnership with the Consejo Consultivo del Agua A.C. (CCA), and with CONAGUA’s approval, the first working group is focused on analyzing the main challenges and opportunities to mobilizing financial resources in the agricultural water sector.

Our Role

2030 WRG is making outreach efforts to foster strategic alliances with local stakeholders from the private, academic and other civil society organizations, in order to form a multi-stakeholder platform that will support CONAGUA in facing Mexico’s water security challenges.

Key Partners

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