Mexico’s Multi-stakeholder Platform

Establishing a multi-stakeholder partnership

The Consejo Consultivo del Agua A.C. (CCA) is a multi-stakeholder platform that brings together several organizations from the private sector, the public sector, and academia, as well as key individuals involved in the water sector. The CCA was created in 2000 as an independent entity to analyze Mexico’s water challenges and identity potential solutions.

The 2030 WRG has partnered with the CCA to work on several areas of common concern through specialized working groups. In partnership with the CCA, and with CONAGUA’s approval, the first working group is focused on analyzing the main challenges and opportunities to mobilizing financial resources in the agricultural water sector.

Mobilizing financial resources

Agriculture in Mexico accounts for 70 percent of water use, but water productivity remains low due to weak water-saving incentives, lack of finance for irrigated agriculture, and deficient management and maintenance standards.

The 2030 WRG, CONAGUA, and the CCA – alongside other partners – are analyzing the main challenges and opportunities to mobilize financial resources in the agricultural water sector. This analysis will inform a high-level dialogue between relevant actors, led by the CCA, on creating a more enabling environment for public-private partnerships to support greater irrigated water-use efficiency and agricultural productivity.

Strengthening programming capabilities

After several months of strategic discussions, the 2030 WRG and CONAGUA analyzed CONAGUA’s capital investments programming system and proposed ways to strengthen it. With the support of a team of consultants (Amec Foster Wheeler and Castalia), the 2030 WRG worked with several of the institution’s departments to gain insight into some of CONAGUA’s programming challenges. This information was used to inform the new capital investments/project portfolio prioritization system, which follows international best-practice models.


Our main partners in Mexico are the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), the Mexican Institute of Water Technologies (IMTA), and the Global Green Growth Institute. The 2030WRG has also approached important organizations of civil society to learn about prospective pathways of collaboration such as the National Association of Water Utilities (ANEAS), the Water Advisory Council (CCA), and the Fundación Gonazlo Río Arronte.
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