Mexico’s Multi-Stakeholder Platform

The 2030 WRG is a member of the Consejo Consultivo del Agua A.C. (CCA), which is Mexico’s water advisory council. A national level Multi-Stakeholder Platform that has been in existence since the year 2000, the CCA comprises members of the private sector, interest group associations, commercial chambers, universities, non-governmental organizations, water utilities, and private individuals.

The CCA’s role is endorsed by the National Water Law as an independent and inclusive entity of civil society and was created to enable social participation and provide advice to Mexico’s President and the National Water Commission (CONAGUA). The CCA is governed by an organizational charter, is chaired by a President elected by a General Assembly, and is run by a small Secretariat. A steering board, on which the 2030 WRG sits, closely assists the CCA’s President.

The CCA operates through different thematic committees, each led by a committee leader and supported by a technical secretariat. The thematic committees implement different initiatives that have specific objectives and activities. The 2030 WRG has helped to create four thematic committees, and each has launched a respective initiative, including: the Public-Private-Partnerships for Agri-Water Infrastructure Initiative, the Green Infrastructure Solutions Initiative, the Water Security and Legal Certainty Initiative, and the Toluca Water Security Initiative, which is a joint initiative with the Toluca Business Council known locally as Consejo Empresarial del Valle de Toluca.


Our main partners in Mexico are CONAGUA, the Mexican Institute of Water Technologies, and the Global Green Growth Institute. The 2030 WRG has also approached important civil society organizations to learn about prospective pathways of collaboration such as the National Association of Water Utilities, the CCA, and the Fundación Gonzalo Río Arronte.