Our work in Mexico

Our Role

The 2030 WRG entered into an agreement of cooperation with the Consejo Consultivo del Agua A.C. (CCC) in 2015 and became a full CCA member that same year, a process that benefited from the support of Nestlé-Mexico. This situation conveyed the 2030 WRG with all the rights and responsibilities of a CCA Member. The 2030 WRG then initiated a dialogue process with other CCA members to identify a set of policy priorities that could be addressed by thematic committees and by launching specific initiatives. As the dialogue continued, the task ahead was to support the establishment of thematic committees by identifying key figures within the CCA who are outstanding experts and professionals that could lead each of them. Each of the leaders then invited other CCA members, as well as other special external invitees, to participate in the committees to start open and inclusive policy dialogue, help draft the initiatives’ concept notes, and support the implementation of initiatives through collective action. The 2030 WRG plays the role of technical secretariat for each of the thematic committees, assisting the thematic leader in their responsibilities, providing high-level technical advice, and providing also some logistical support.


Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) for Agri-Water Infrastructure Initiative

The objective of this initiative is to analyze the opportunities for PPP formation. Important milestones include:

  • The development of business cases and feasibility studies for 5 potential PPP irrigation projects
  • Policy recommendations to support PPPs
  • Capacity-building workshops
Green Infrastructure Solutions Initiative

This initiative’s objective is to create a more enabling environment for nature-based solutions. Important milestones include:

  • The enablement of multi-stakeholder policy dialogue   
  • The drafting of a CCA position paper   
  • The identification of potential areas for nature-based solutions projects in Mexico City’s hinterland and in support of the World Bank’s water resilience approach in the region
Water Security and Legal Certainty Initiative

This initiative’s objective is to provide policy recommendations to strengthen the Mexican water allocation regime and enable water stewardship practices. Important milestones include:

  • The enablement of multi-stakeholder policy dialogue   
  • The drafting of a CCA position paper and a policy recommendations document
  • The socialization of the World Bank’s water resilience approach with the private sector
Toluca Water Security Initiative

This initiative’s objective is to support sustainable groundwater and wastewater management. Important milestones include:

  • The establishment of the Toluca multi-stakeholder groundwater management committee
  • In collaboration with the World Bank, the development of a comprehensive diagnosis of the Lerma River wastewater management, following a circular economy approach