Our work in Mexico

Our Role

Currently, under a newly established Cooperation Accord, 2030 WRG is making outreach efforts to foster strategic alliances with local stakeholders from the private, academic and other civil society organizations, in order to form a multi-stakeholder platform that will support CONAGUA in facing Mexico’s water security challenges.


A pilot water resources ‘gap analysis’ was undertaken to show the benefits of this hydro-economic modelling tool. CONAGUA later expanded the pilot ‘gap analysis’ across the whole of the country’s territory, establishing an important base-line for decision-making.
The current Cooperation Accord between 2030WRG and CONAGUA comprises three main initiatives, including: the development of a capital investment prioritization system, the analysis of the challenges and opportunities for private sector involvement in the water sector and the establishment of a Multi-stakeholder Platform (MSP). These actions will support CONAGUA’s response to mounting national level budgetary constraints resulting from adverse international economic pressures.
The 2030WRG/CONAGUA joint initiative for developing a capital investment prioritization system will also engage in the assessment and prioritization of CONAGUA’s portfolio of investments in some of the most strategic Hydrological Administrative Regions (HARs) and their planning units, in terms of their contribution to GDP, the severity of their water security challenges, and other important socio-economic and environmental criteria. The output will allow CONAGUA and other stakeholders to identify the most strategic and suitable projects for PPPs formation.