2030 WRG in Mongolia: Program Overview (1st Ed., June 2020)

The 2030 WRG Mongolia Program has successfully established MSPs at the national and river basin levels, enabled economic incentives in regulation, and supported the development of a hydro-economic analysis to inform decision making. It has also supported the reuse of treated wastewater, and the effective treatment and management of water resources based on the polluter pays principle. Based on MSP approaches, these initiatives have led to an improvement in sustainable water management in Mongolia, paving the way for the country’s future economic growth. This booklet provides an overview of the 2030 WRG Mongolia program’s progress to date.

Mongolia Hydro Economic Analysis report

Mongolia Hydro Economic Analysis reportWith the establishment of the 2030 WRG Mongolia partnership, our first effort was to compile data and information from across sectors. A targeted analysis of Mongolia’s water challenges commissioned by 2030 WRG and executed by PwC and Deltares also mapped opportunities to subsequently raise awareness, mobilize, and engage ‘new actors’ from the private sector and civil organizations in Mongolia to engage in sustainable water activities.