Water Challenges

While Peru is abundant in water in terms of available freshwater per capita, almost 70% of its population lives in the Pacific coastal areas, where only 1.76% of the country’s water resources are available. In addition, rapid urbanization and retreat of tropical glaciers in the Andean region due to climate change are going to increase the pressure on water resources.


Three Working Groups on different issues related to Water Sustainability have been set up. The first group is working on Economic Incentives for Sustainable Water Management, the second on Public Private Partnerships for Sustainable Watersheds, and the third on Innovative Financial Solutions for Investment in Water Projects.


A Hydro-economic Study prioritizing water sector investments was presented to a large scale of authorities from different sectors. We have also established key alliances to identify and define tangible projects and to verify the effectiveness of green water conservation initiatives. A multi-stakeholder platform with more than 70 relevant actors in total is working together and now looking for tangible projects that alleviate Peru’s water management challenges.

Our Role

The 2030 WRG initiative has already significantly strengthened the opportunities for all actors to collaborate in Peru, bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders interested in sustainable water management.

Key Partners

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