Water Challenges

While Peru is abundant in terms of available freshwater per capita, almost 70% of its population lives in the Pacific coastal areas, where only 1.76% of the country’s water resources are available. In addition, rapid urbanization and retreat of tropical glaciers in the Andean region due to climate change are going to increase the pressure on water resources.


The Steering Committee established the following working groups: (1) Works for Taxes, (2) adaptation to climate change and green infrastructure, (3) Water Responsible Companies, and (4) guidelines for dialogue processes to engage with local stakeholders in conflict areas.


Recent highlights include the following initiatives: Works for Taxes; Groundwater Management and Monitoring Services Tariff; Blue Certificate; and Shared Value Platform.

Our Role

The 2030 WRG is playing a key role both in supporting decision-makers and relevant stakeholders in creating the right incentives for sustainable water use, while promoting wide alliances to recognize that water is a limiting factor but also an opportunity for development in Peru.

Key Partners

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