Peru’s Multi-Stakeholder Platform

The 2030 WRG and the International Finance Corporation in Peru signed an agreement with the National Authority of Water (ANA) and the Ministry of Agriculture in April 2013 to formally establish a relationship to promote dialogue and collaboration as well as private sector participation on water resources management in the country.

The Steering Committee of the Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP), formed in 2014, comprises nowadays 29 members and serves as a sounding board for discussion and for the creation of working groups to implement agreed concept notes, programs, and projects. The current board includes Ministers, Vice Ministers, Government Authorities, renowned members of academia, business associations, civil society and international cooperation representatives. Steering Board Meetings take place at least 4-5 times a year and working groups meet regularly.  Working Groups are set up by the Steering Committee and meeting bimonthly to address specific programs and initiatives. Working group members vary from 8-12 representatives on each working group and are convened by the Chair of each one.

Working Groups

The Steering Committee established several working groups that are evaluated on a yearly basis; there are currently 4 working groups: 

  • Private investment to reduce water and sanitation gap, focused on promoting Works for Taxes, an innovative public mechanism that allows private companies to spend their income taxes in advance through the execution of public projects;
  • Adaptation to climate change and green infrastructure, aimed at promoting green infrastructure and nature-based solutions among private sector, international cooperation and government;
  • Water Responsible Companies – the Blue Certificate, focused on raising awareness on water issues and private sector action through collaboration with government; and
  • Guidelines for dialogue processes to engage with local stakeholders in conflict areas, to create Shared Value Platforms in mining areas.

Key Partners

The 2030 WRG has been working with several partners to contribute to the management of Peru’s water resources.

We have convened a Steering Committee with former Prime Ministers, Finance Ministers, Vice-Ministers from relevant water-using sectors, the Director of the ANA, CEOs of private companies, and high-level representatives from civil society, academia, and the donor community.

key partners-peru