São Paulo

São Paulo City

Water Challenges

While 31% of the Brazilian GDP and 22% of the country’s population are concentrated in the State of São Paulo, the region has been under severe water stress in the last few years, threatening water availability for human supply and economic activities.

Our Role

The São Paulo State Department of Sanitation and Water Resources and the 2030 WRG signed an MoU on July 3, 2017 to design and implement various initiatives that promote water security in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Workstreams and Projects

Three workstreams have been defined: Reuse of treated domestic effluents; Charging for water use; and Performance of sanitation services


The 2030 WRG’s engagement in Sao Paulo has been focused on the stakeholder consultation process; establishing working groups; organizing seminars and workshops; producing reports, case studies, and proposals; and more.

Key Partners

Click here for a list of our key partners in São Paulo.


Normativas de Reúso de ETE – os passos de SP e MG (5 August 2020)

Webinar: Multi-stakeholder cooperation to leverage the SDG6 in the Business Agenda (SIWI World Water Week | 27 August 2020)

Country Innovation Story

Very often, the need to increase local capacity for wastewater treatment has been addressed by building new facilities or expanding the existing ones, which can be very expensive. SABESP and 2030 WRG in São Paulo teamed up to invest more efficiently by optimizing the existent wastewater treatment plant’s performance. Learn more here.