São Paulo

São Paulo’s Multi-Stakeholder Platform

Our Action

2030 WRG São Paulo first established workstreams or thematic areas to open the work field and focus efforts and convened key actors to form working groups to develop specific projects. The current framework has 3 workstreams and 5 working groups, such as follows.

In December 2020, we established the São Paulo Steering Committee, following the strategic model of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSPs) adopted worldwide by 2030 WRG. This committee will discuss, supervise, validate, and propose the São Paulo group’s initiatives, and it will gather institutional representatives of public institutions, private sectors, and civil society organizations. Its chairman is the current São Paulo State’s Secretary for Infrastructure and Environment, Mr. Marcos Penido.

In May 2019, the 2030 WRG São Paulo Country Coordinator was invited to join the Steering Council of São Paulo’s State Secretariat for Infrastructure and Environment (SIMA) and the Urban Policy Council of the Commercial Association of São Paulo.

Key Partners