GOVERNANCE / Monika Weber-Fahr

Monika Weber-Fahr

Executive Secretary, Global Water Partnership (GWP)


Monika Weber-Fahr was appointed as the Global Water Partnership’s (GWP) Executive Secretary on May 7, 2018. She joins GWP after 20-plus years in the development field, with diverse experiences in creating and sharing knowledge across global networks and communities.

Ms. Weber-Fahr began working in development in 1994 with the World Bank as an economist. Building communities and partnerships around knowledge and collaboration became a passion that she pursued across multiple projects in areas related to sustainable development and the field of education. For the International Finance Corporation, Ms. Weber-Fahr built the Global Business Line for Sustainable Business Advisory, working with the private sector to pursue people-planet-profit opportunities, including on water efficiency and new clean water technologies.

Most recently, Ms. Weber-Fahr worked as Chief Operating Officer at Sustainable Energy for ALL, an international NGO promoting access to clean, affordable, and modern energy. There, she built organizational management structures and supported day-to-day operations serving a broad network of public-private partnerships.

Ms. Weber-Fahr is passionate about GWP’s unique local to global reach, noting the network’s credible platform for changing the way water is managed. She believes that good water governance is not optional anymore, but with growing risks of water pollution, groundwater exploitation, and rainfall variability, we need to come together around the values we hold dear to take decisions on limited resources, mindful of all options and how they influence each other. We need to bring new knowledge, data, and technologies to this critical task, with the centrality of water allowing us to connect with partners across all SDGs and the climate agreements. Ms. Weber-Fahr said that she is honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve GWP in its mission to ensure a water-secure world for all, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable communities.


  • Ph.D. in Business Economics
  • BSc and MSc in Economics
  • Diploma in International Relations
  • Diploma in Corporate Governance.