Our Work in Vietnam

Results and Outcomes

A hydro-economic analysis of water sector in Vietnam

The 2030 Water Resources Group conducted a high-level analysis of the water sector in Vietnam, aimed at assessing the water demand-supply gap and water stress of Vietnam’s four key river basins. Based on a high-level cost curve analysis, cost-effective solutions to address these challenges were recommended. Following the analysis and stakeholder consultations, four deep dives were undertaken for interventions, which were identified to have the largest potential to address Vietnam’s identified water resource challenges, namely:

  • Alternate wet and dry rice management practices
  • Enabling water efficiency for coffee production in the Central Highlands
  • Municipal wastewater treatment and reuse in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Industrial wastewater treatment around Hanoi

Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting

A multi-stakeholder Advisory Group was established to guide the Vietnam water sector analysis. On September 26, 2017, 2030WRG held an Advisory Group meeting in Hanoi to discuss the completed water sector analysis. Members from the government, donors, water user associations, research institutions, NGOs, and private sector engaged in an active and constructive discussion on the report findings as well as actions required for Vietnam. The discussions included topics around incentives and regulatory reforms, river basin management, and policy incentives for private sector engagement.