Water Security: The Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus

Water Security

Water Security

As an important step towards the understanding of the water-food-energy-climate nexus the World Economic Forum Water Initiative has helped publish the book Water Security: The Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus which is being launched at the Annual Meeting 2011 in Davos.

The book collects together for the first time, leaders from government, religious groups, business, NGOs, academics, entrepreneurs, financial experts, journalists, trade specialists and many others to share their perspectives on the common water challenge we face. Issue by issue, including agriculture, trade, national security, business and innovative water partnerships, they set out the case of how crucial it is to overhaul our management of freshwater to meet our future social and economic needs.

Water Security: The Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus is not meant to contain the last word on the water security issue. Instead, by drawing on a range of different viewpoints, and based on the multistakeholder ethos that lies at the heart of the World Economic Forum, the intent of this book is to simply set out for the reader the following:
• First, through a selection of expert perspectives, an exposition of the complex set of challenges we face across our economy in managing our future water needs when looking forward over the next two decades;
• Second, what the implications of these challenges to our social, political, and economic well-being may be if we fail to act, based on the best and current thinking on forecasts and growth trends;
• Third, including an introduction to a major initiative being undertaken by the World Economic Forum in alignment with many other actors, explore breakthroughs in the development of a new economic fact base on water for governments; experiences in developing public-private-expert coalitions that can work with governments to take action on water;

This book is an important and comprehensive piece of work that seeks to deepen the awareness and understanding of the nexus which spans across the issue of water and to explore solutions to the water scarcity challenge ahead.

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