Mission and Vision

Without changes in business practices, the demand for fresh water could be 40 percent higher than the supply by 2030. Water has become an issue of growing national importance. Governments are the ultimate custodians but water security requires that other stakeholders also play a role in designing and delivering inclusive and innovative solutions to scarcity. There is deep and wide technical expertise within the water resources community. The private sector can be a rich repository of knowledge and insights on how to address the water security challenge and on-the ground experience in innovating and implementing a range of practical solutions, such as in water efficiency and water supply.

The 2030 Water Resources Group is a consortium which includes representation from the United Nations, individual governments, companies and non-governmental organizations. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) hosts the 2030 WRG and acts as the implementing entity for the Group, undertaking all legal commitments in accordance with its procedures and policies.

Our Mission: The 2030 WRG helps countries achieve water security by 2030, by facilitating collective action on water between government, private sector and the civil society.

Our Vision: The 2030 WRG envisions a world with Water for Growth, People and Environment.

Our Value Proposition: The 2030 WRG brings transformative change to water resources planning by convening national multi-stakeholders platforms and structured processes  – including key public decision-makers, concerned private sector champions and civil society representatives – who catalyze sustainable, rational, economics-based solutions to closing the water supply demand gap.