History and Background

At the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in 2008, groups that included representation from the United Nations, individual governments and companies as well non-governmental organizations were urged to give the issue of water security and its geopolitical and economic implications a higher global profile. This helped to stimulate existing initiatives and to develop new economic analytical tools, done on behalf of an informal consortium of companies and IFC. This consortium called itself the 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG) and its report, “Charting our Water Future”, was launched in October 2009.

In the period 2010–12, interest shifted from defining the issue of water security and its implications to finding solutions and practical action for alleviating its impact. At the Forum’s annual meeting in 2010, a new action-focused phase of the 2030 WRG was launched and a goal was set of demonstrating in three countries how this new global partnership could encourage governments to accelerate reforms for managing sustainable water resources in order to benefit long-term development and economic growth. The partnership would provide best-in-class economic analysis, convene interested stakeholders and offer access to global best practices from business, academia, and the public sector to find solutions.

We have since launched formal projects in eight countries, and are working to add another two. We have also updated our strategy, produced a wealth of knowledge and tools, and made more pronounced appearances in the media.