The 2030 WRG’s governance structure comprises a Governing Council, Steering Board and Secretariat. The Governing Council consists of 18 senior executives of development partners, who guide the strategic direction of the 2030 WRG. The members of the Governing Council make key decisions related to the 2030 WRG strategic plan and budget. They also help promote 2030 WRG and its activities within their extensive networks.

Members of the Governing Council 2017 (in alphabetical order):

Members of the Steering Board 2017 (in alphabetical order):

The Governing Council appoints the members of the Steering Board, which oversees the management of the 2030 WRG. The Board reviews and submits annually to the Governing Council the strategic plan and budget; supervises the Secretariat; and approves its plan, the budget, and the proposed country programs. The Board also supervises funding and resource development within countries, and comments on the 2030 WRG’s annual performance reviews and impact assessments.

Advisory Committee

Furthermore, an Advisory Committee for 2030 WRG was formed within the World Bank Group, which is comprised of 6 senior staff in water-related operations at the World Bank and IFC.  They advise 2030 WRG on collaboration within the World Bank Group, including the selection of countries, and share insights about these countries.  It ensures that there is no duplication of efforts within the WBG and that synergies are created.