India – Outcomes

Our Outcomes

Key focus areas of 2030 WRG’s work at the national level in India include:

  • Municipal & Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse: This intervention focuses, in particular, on the development of PPP models through demonstration of success in select cities such as Mathura-Vrindavan, and other models for the implementation of circular economy solutions in India.
  • Area-Based Implementation Approaches: Aimed at developing participatory water resource management approaches for the rejuvenation and revival of sub-river basins, such as Hindon, 2030 WRG is working closely with a network of partners to catalyze area-based action across four work packages: 1) Agri-water productivity improvement, including agri-water savings, reducing run-off pollution, and increasing productivity and incomes at the farm level; 2) Cleaner production and effluent treatment at the factory level; 3) Urban wastewater treatment & reuse through sewage treatment plants and networks in two cities; and 4) Knowledge management, including data collection, analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and knowledge development.
  • Agri Water Use Efficiency: 2030 WRG has initiated a partnership with Hindustan Unilever Foundation on agri-water solutions in India, focused on technology and finance facilitation, knowledge development, and results-based implementation, driven by a bottom-up approach towards policy transformation. This partnership will accelerate action at two levels: (1) Community Level: Promotion of water-efficient practices and technologies among farmers, aggregation of evidence-based experiences, incubation of new models, knowledge, and tools, and replication of best practices; and (2) Policy level: Formation of the National Agri-Water Participatory Policy Leadership, a forum of national and global thought leaders, connecting grassroots experience with the national policy framework, to unlock government support for agri-water policy strengthening in India.

Our Future

Working in parallel at the basin and sub-basin level, the 2030 WRG’s agenda in India aims to catalyze water solutions in India’s largest river basin, Ganga, as well as adopt a thematic focus on municipal, industrial and agri-water sectors. The engagement is expected to lead to the development and demonstration of replicable models for public-private-civil society engagement within the municipal, agricultural and industrial sectors, linked to the Ganga Rejuvenation Plan,  National Water Mission’s focus on driving water use efficiency by 20% across water users, and the National Water Policy 2012 emphasizing integrated water resources management, river basin planning, ecological impact assessment, transparency and benchmarking of water use.