Karnataka (India) – Profile

Our Challenge

Karnataka is the ninth largest state in India, contributes to six percent of the country’s GDP, and (as of 2011) has had a growth rate of over 8 percent each year. In order to sustain its growth trajectory Karnataka requires uninterrupted water availability. Yet, significant regional and temporal disparities in water availability in the Indian State threaten to constrain food security, industrial growth, ecological security and livelihood promotion. The largest and most economically significant river basins in Karnataka – Krishna and Cauvery – already face a water demand-supply deficit. With projected increases in population growth from sixty one million in 2011 to eighty million by 2030, coupled with increased water requirements for the urban, industrial and agricultural sectors, there is an urgent need for coordinated action across Karnataka’s inhabitants and business to better manage their water resources and sustainability.

Our Role

The 2030 Water Resources Group is working in Karnataka to mobilize a process of multi-stakeholder dialogue and action, in order to address major water sustainability issues. By convening key decision-makers across government, the private sector, civil society and development agencies, we plan to target multiple initiatives within the next 2-4 year timeframe. These initiatives will potentially include a combination of: Government policy development to strengthen water resource laws, institutions and policies; collective water action at the sub-basin level, and public-private partnerships designed to address water resource management opportunities. Each of these initiatives will likely integrate work across the urban, industrial and agricultural sectors for a consolidated impact on the water situation in the Karnataka State. As with other projects, we are also engaged in producing knowledge and data pertinent to the situation and decision-making on the best course of action. For more information on our work in Karnataka, please visit those sections detailing the 2030 WRG’s local partners and unique approach. Technical resources on Karnataka’s water situation are listed below.

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