Bangladesh – Outcomes


2030 WRG’s engagement in Bangladesh aims to work with the stakeholders through the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP 2100) and the proposed Water Multi-Stakeholder Partnership focusing on three work-streams: Water Governance, Greater Dhaka Watershed Restoration and Agri-water.

(1)    BDP 2100 MoU Signed:

  1. BDP 2100 MoU was signed by the GoB, Netherlands government, WB and IFC / 2030 WRG on June 16, 2015 at a high level event in which three Ministers (Finance, Water Resources and Agriculture) was present from the GoB side.
  2. ToR for investment plan for the BDP 2100 has been developed in conjunction with the World Bank to identify potential private sector investment opportunities in water infrastructure
  3. A high-level mission from the 2030 WRG lead by Anders Berntell (ED, 2030 WRG) was held on June 15-18, 2015 in which meetings were held with the Minister and State Minister of MoWR, Secretary of Local Government Ministry, BRAC and other stakeholders.

(2)    2030 WRG Bangladesh Program Design discussed with key stakeholders:

  1. A Multi-Stakeholder workshop was held on March 18 chaired by the Minister of Water Resources in which key priority thematic areas for the 2030 WRG Bangladesh initiative were identified
  2. The design of the 2030 WRG Bangladesh program including the Water MSP and the three work-streams has been prepared and discussed with the key stakeholders from the GoB (ex. MoWR, Planning Commission) and Civil Society (ex. BRAC).

(3)    Analytical Studies Completed / On-going:

  1. Two analytical studies by PWC and ARUP have been submitted to the 2030 WRG Review Board for feedback. The PWC study concerned itself on the overall water resources management situation at the national level while the ARUP study focused on the industrial sectors (mostly, textile and leather). As part of the two studies, targeted analysis ‘Deep Dives’ on Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP), Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and Green Finance for water have been completed.
  2. Joint-Knowledge Product with World Bank on Multi-Sectoral Approaches to Adaptive Delta Management commissioned through hiring of Grontmij / Rebel consulting firm and the first draft submitted by the consultants. The draft includes potential gaps for the 2030 WRG Bangladesh program to address / play a catalytic role.
  3. ToR for scoping study for Agricultural water use developed
  4. Scoping / Mapping exercises for potential CETP and STP sites being explored with stakeholders and ToRs to be developed shortly