Peru – Outcomes

Our Outcomes

A Hydro-economic Study prioritising water sector investments in key, stressed Catchments was finalized and presented to a large scale of authorities from different sectors. Stakeholders have shown their interest to apply the results and recommendations of this study and incorporate them to the legislation and own practices.

A multi-stakeholder platform with more than 70 relevant actors in total (in the three working groups), is working together and now looking for tangible projects that alleviate Peru’s water management challenges.  The Working Groups will work to foster a culture of responsible water that mobilises citizens to care for and sustain their water resources.

Overseeing the activities of the Working Groups is a high level Steering Committee, a clear mandate to advice and guide 2030 WRG’s actions in Peru.

We have also established some key alliances with partners such as the IDB to fund specific consultancies to identify and define tangible projects and to verify the effectiveness of green water conservation initiatives.  With Peru 2021 we will promote partnerships with the private sector for strategic investments in water projects, and we will support a water prize to recognize best practices from the private sector.  With the Ministry of Housing and Sanitation we are working to showcase international experiences on water sustainability and recycling, during the Latin American Sanitation Summit to be held in Lima on March 2016.  We are working with GGGI to carry out a study on Innovative Financial Solutions, and capacity building; with Cotton Connect to support best practices on agriculture in Piura; and with GIZ an alliance to promote and partner for public-private sector alliances in the basins of Rímac, Chillón and Lurín.

While our Communications Strategy is now being finalized, we have developed some pilot activities to showcase our work in Peru.   2030 WRG will be working actively in communication strategies with key partners such as the World Bank, ANA, GIZ, Peru 2021, among others.  Some media appearances have already highlighted our work in most prestigious journals in Peru.

Our Future

For the next six months our activities, in close coordination with our stakeholders, will include:

  1. contracting Acceleration Consultants to identify and initiate flagship transformational projects related to water, detail scoping of practical project initiatives and support the 2030 WRG team to obtain tangible commitments around these initiatives;
  2. adding new members to our Working Groups, through bilateral meetings, incorporating more members from different sectors, especially civil society, minorities and the agricultural sector (that is a major water user)
  3. tackling key water governance issues in Peru, prioritised by the working groups, that seek to develop and implement the best appropriate economic incentives for efficient water use, and to stream line the PPP process for joint projects;
  4. select a Chair and a Vice Chair to our Steering Committee; and leading ‘technical committees’ to implement the priorities of each working group;
  5. reaching new agreements with donors and memorandum of understanding with key actors in Peru to promote projects and actions; and
  6. actively implementing  a Communication Strategy that supports 2030 WRG actions in Peru.  We will disseminate the results of our analytical work widely across the country, keep water on the political agenda in the election run-up, and ground our activities firmly within the technical and administrative staff of our government partners such as ANA.